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✴️ ZI 🧙‍‍♀️ supports loading a plugin or snippet with a NICK-NAME. Set the nickname through the new id-as'' ice-mod.

For example, one could try to load docker/compose from GitHub binary releases :

✴️ This registers plugin under ID docker/compose. Now the user could want to load a completion from GitHub repository (not the binary release catalog) also called docker/compose. The two IDs, both being docker/compose , will collide. The user can however resolve the conflict via id-as'' ice-mod by loading the completion under a nick-name dc-completion:

✴️ The completion is now seen under ID dc-completion. Issuing zi report dc-completion works, so as other ZI commands:

✴️ This can be also used to nickname snippets.

For example, you can use this to create handlers in place of long urls:

zi delete git-unique will work, zi times will show git-unique instead of the URL, etc.

Originally published at https://dev.to on June 5, 2022.



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